Hue Motions Blink On Movement But Nothing Else

I'm in the middle of a power outage. Router has power as well as hub.

The red lights on the Hue motions blink upon movement, but there is no status change in the device page or dashboard.

I've tried various things, but I'm running out of ideas.

They were running great before the power outage, during which the hub lost power for some hours.

Thanks for any ideas.

The red light means it detected motion but can't communicate with the hub. Could there be some mains powered repeaters that are no longer on the mesh network?

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There are no repeaters. 16 battery powered devices.

Perhaps truly shutting down and powering down for a minute, then restarting the hub.

Was it possibly routing through a mains powered device?

@velvetfoot mentioned above there are only battery powered devices

Missed that, sorry!