Hue Motion Sensors Stopped Working

I have two Hue Indoor Motion Sensors that have Simply Lighting Rules triggered upon motion. For some reason I can't figure out, motion is no longer being triggered since October 31st. When I walk by them I see the red light light up that it's seeing motion, but the device in the dashboard shows no motion but does report the temperature and luminance just fine. Any ideas?

Is it just motion that isn't reporting? I assume nothing is reporting, but I thought I'd ask anyway, I can't find this information in the manual, but the Hubitat staff member who wrote the driver for this device believes that the red LED indicates that it can't communicate with your hub. How do you think your Zigbee mesh is in this location? Is there one (or more) repeaters in range?

This is correct.
This is even documented somewhere in the land of philips...

I'm having what sounds like the same issue. I have 2 Hue sensors, 1 indoor, 1 outdoor, that have fallen off the mesh a couple times over the past couple of weeks. They are close to repeaters, 1 is close to 2 repeaters. Other sensors (Iris v2, NYCE) have no problems.

Ok - I changed the batteries out in both and now they have seemed to be reachable again, even though the last time I had a reading by Hubitat it stated the batteries were 55 and 67.

I also learned from you all that the red light means unreachable.

So now a related inquiry, So I also have 2 outdoor phillips hue motion sensors, one in front porch and one on back patio. They go in an out of reach and most of the time are unreachable. If I purchased a simple zigbee plug like and plugged it up outside in the protected cover, would that enhance the zigbee mesh to possible reach those motion sensors? I wouldn't have anything plugged actually into it, just the zigbee plug into the outlet. Or does the zigbee mesh only work if a device is sucking power out of the zigbee plug?

@larrybradshaw What you linked to is a Wifi Smart Plug. You dont want this.

You want a Zigbee repeater. Yes it will repeat with nothing plugged in to it..

Heres a recent thread talking about some Zigbee Repeater plugs that might help.

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Thank you! I'm learning everyday!!

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