Hue Motion Sensor with Lutron Dimmer not Working

I have a Hue Motion Sensor paired with a Lutron Dimmer Switch. I'm using "Motion and Mode Lighting Apps" to control it. I have it setup to only come on from 1:30 pm to 10:30pm, don't turn on if turned off manually until next mode change, and 5 minute delay to off without motion. Occasionally it works but most of the time it doesn't. I've check the logs and the motion sensor is sensing motion accurately, but the switch is not being turned on. The switch works fine through Hubitat when initiated manually. Thoughts?

I see you've checked the logs for the motion sensor, but what about the logs for this Motion Lighting app instance? You have that option enabled already, which is helpful, because there should be something there, then. That should give you more to go on (but if you want my completely wild guess, maybe it's having trouble with the "don't turn on if turned off manually" thing, which some switches seem not to like...maybe yours is one? don't need to rely on my guess though--logs are better!).

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