Hue motion sensor connected but no motion

I have a new, out-of-the-box Hue Motion sensor (Indoor Motion Sensor V2, product number 9290030675).

It pair both within 5 ft of hub and at some distance. Is reporting accurate battery, illuminance, and temperature at time of pairing.

But is apparently not sending updates. As I cannot get it to register either motion events or illuminance changes at the hub.

This is on a C-7 running (latest a time of posting). There are other switches operating properly on the C-7 both zigbee and z-wave.

I have removed and re-paired multiple times. And yes, I put fresh batteries in it... not trusting the ones that shipped.

There are no other motion sensors on the network. (I got this new Hue when I couldn't get my old ST sensors to work)

I saw similar posts reporting issues with the Hue motion sensor, but those were several years old, so presumably those issues have been solved.

Thoughts? Appreciate any help.

What driver are you using?

System driver. The drop-down for "Type" in Device Information says "Hue Motion Sensor"

Sorry, I don't know how to get more specific... that seems rather ambiguous when I look at it.

That is the proper driver. Can you show a screen print of the details on the motion sensor?

Let's see if these two screen grabs have what you're looking for... thx

You did hit "configure" after pairing right?

Yes, and the Configure command shows in the logs:

[warn] running configure in 5 seconds...

When I look at the Events tab/page, it shows events that are reasonable at the time of connection, but then they aren't updated.

I had the same problem. Hue replaced it as defective. Second one was still slow to respond. I paired it in the same room as the hub, then moved it where i needed it and let it sit for at least a few hours. Eventually it will work, just seems to take a while to become fully functional. Was this new since June of this year (manufactured in 2022)? From what i can tell it seems like these sensors made this year have some slight differences than older ones, and this laggy pairing seems to be a symptom of that. I can say that within 24 hours it was fully working as expected.
Btw, if you try to go to hue fir support expect a run around and general hassle. In my case it was about 4 weeks before they finally agreed to replace the device.

ok... I'll probably just start the replacement process.

Anyone have suggestions on a better motion sensor to use? I need more than one. I picked the Hue for the first test because I thought it would, well, Just Work.

Unusual, ive been using the outdoor versions of these for years and havent had any issues.

My outdoor sensors work just fine, and the replacement does now as well, but it didn't immediately. @rickkwilhelm if it has been included for at least a day, see if it has gotten better. Mine definitely needed at least a few hours / a day to settle in, but it's worked reliably since. They don't work as flawlessly as I expected out of the box (like the outdoor sensors). But they do work after a day or so, as reliably as my outdoor sensors. Based on the reccomendations vs, my experience I'm inclined to think they changed something in this most recent production run, i just don't know what.

If you are talking about replacement with Hue, they will ask you:

  • A) if you have paired it to a hue bridge
  • B) if you have used it in the bridge with hue bulbs.

When I told them I had not, but paired it to Hubitat and it was not working, they questioned how I could know it wasn't working if it wasn't paired with the hue hub. They initially tried to void the warranty beacuse it was paired to a third party hub. They did eventuality relent and replace it.

Hmm... Sounds like too much work. I'll probably just return to AMZN. It's been a couple of days and this one hasn't settled in.

Maybe I'll try another brand of sensor.


I have also been having very good luck with the Ring Gen 2 Motion Sensors, they are Zwave, so a tad slower than ZigBee, but rock solid reliable. I included them into a C7 using SmartStart. They want to include with S2, ( based on @mavrrick58 recommendation) I left that alone and let it pair with it, and they have not had any negative impact on my Zwave mesh. I think I currently have 4 in service. One draw back , if you want Lux values, these do not provide that feature. But as a motion sensor they are very stable and very reliable.

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