Hue lightstrip vs... aliexpress?

For context: I already have hue, and prices are $CAD

I recently managed to snag a deal on this, which seemed like a great price for the hue lightstrip which I would understand and expect to be some of the brightest/best quality+reliability options:

But then I look at something like this:

That one is an all-in-one version, though maybe I could save a bit more or get better components to buy individually... but that shows as $17 for a 3m longer strip, and zigbee support.

2M is shorter than I'd want, as I want to add ambient lighting to my 65" TV.

Isn't an aliexpress approach here MUCH cheaper and comparable? I'd initially feel like the ali version on 5V and up to 5M cannot be all that bright, but then I just look for an alternative... probably still 50% cheaper than hue's "great sale price"?

5V over a long length may end up being too weak due to voltage drop. You could definitely inject power throughout the strip but that would take a bit of tinkering.

I'm a fan of the FCOB style strips though. I have some 24v used for under desk lighting and they're definitely the brightest strips I have.

What is FCOB?

And yeah, in some quick search 24V seems like an easy change in strip choice with basically no real price change but also looks like better quality strips.

Looks like getting a better quality strip is $15-$20, and it seems a zigbee controller is $20. Then need a power supply assuming don't already have one.

That definitely approaches much closer to the $49 hue pricepoint, though it's 5M vs 2M and, potentially, actually better. :woman_shrugging:t2: