Hue Light Type Not Supported?

I am trying to add a CT light that I added to my Hue Bridge and I am getting the following error:

Device type Color dimmable light not supported.

I assumed that all Hue lights were supported by the Hue integration. This one isn't?

I'm curious which light is it?

I'm pairing my Sylvania Edge-Lit undercabinet light but I'm pairing it to my DIYHue hub (Raspberry Pi with a ConBee module). So, it's all together possible that it isn't a valid light type at all. I was able to force it to be recognized as a Color light instead and it synced to Hubitat.

A ok, so your assumptions where right after all. :speak_no_evil:

But aside, the jokes, I don't know what you can do with the diyhue, but can't you map the light somehow to a hue/saturation type? Or a rgbw type? Or any suitable type? Before exposing it to HE?

EDIT: sorry reading is difficult, I must the part where you already had it synced with HE changing the type. So to be on the same page, with the hueBridgeBulbCT driver it isn't working?

Actually I have it working with the hue Bridge RGBW Bulb driver in CT mode presently. It's working fine...but I am curious as to why that light type did not pair with HE. Why does Color dimmable light not work? It's a valid hue light type.

That is weird indeed. You wouldn't happen to have a hue ct bulb to test what happens with that? Or an genuine hue bridge and place that between the HE and the edgelite?

No on both counts. Sorry.

Nothing to be sorry about. I can understand the fact that you, like me, have a limit to what you have at your disposal.

Maybe there is somebody who can confirm either cases, or even a genuine hue bridge with a genuine ct bulb for that matter?

Or someone from staff can confirm what light types are supported....which is why i posted. :slight_smile:

currently integrated hue bulb types are :
Dimmable Light
Extended Light
Color Light
Color Temperature Light

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Thanks Mike! That's what I needed.

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