Hue light strip and for animation

I’ve got a hue light strip behind our Tv over the mantle. We’re doing Christmas decorations Ming and I’ve been asked if I can animate it to imitate a fireplace. Are there any hubitat apps or a 3rd party hue app that will do this?

Are you using a Hue Bridge? If so, there is probably at least one Hue Labs "formula" that can create that effect. (This is only available on their website, not in-app. EDIT: Actually, I guess thee's an in-app link to this, too.)

It wouldn't be impossible to do something similar from Hubitat, but if that's already set up and does what you want...then it's probably easiest.

In the Hue app go to "Automations" tab then select "Hue Labs". Scroll down to "Candlelight" that might be the easiest way to do it.


This worked great and I used the coco hue user app to expose the hue labs scene to hubitat.