Hue light rules: set dimmer to 0 or turn switch off?

Apologize if this is a silly question or if it has been addressed elsewhere, but I have not had any luck finding an answer.

When building rules around Phillips Hue lights powering ON or OFF - is there a best practice regarding whether the rules should address hue lights as "Set dimmer" or "turn switch on/off."

My circadian lighting rule has been turning lights ON by setting the dimmer color temperature/level, but I am finding inconsistencies with how I built the lights OFF rules throughout the house. For some of the OFF rules I used the "set dimmer to 0" and for others I used the "turn switch off."

Any pros/cons for going with one over the other? Or is it all the same?

I would suggest "Off," but a "Set Level" to 0 will in most cases have the same outcome, while sometimes also respecting a transition time that you don't get to specify with a plain "Off" command (so that's maybe one time you might actually want it).

But for Hue in particular, I ran into some oddities with either the bulbs themselves or at least the Hue v1 API used to integrate with the Bridge. Normally, an "On" would turn the bulb on to the last known level, but with a "Set Level" to 0, it would turn on to some unexpected (low, I think?) level. This isn't a problem if you use "Set Level" to turn the bulbs on again, but if you want a restore of their last state as at least I normally do, it becomes a problem. This is also odd behavior and is unlikely to affect any devices outside of the Hue API, this I assume being a quirk somewhere in that system.

Funny that you mention the oddity with the API - I think I may have come across this earlier.

I added a Hue slim downlight + hue wall switch module to my hallway recently. After working the downlight into my circadian lighting rule, I was really confused when the light came on at the right temperature for the day of 6410K - but while it was supposed to turn on at level of 100%, it came on at a super dim level - mystery solved!

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