Hue Integrations - Lights Added - Not Showing in Devices

Man, I am in a terrible tech slump. I don't know if it's me, or if it's my hub. Lots of mysterious issues and I am clueless.

The latest issue is My hue lights are listed and selected in the Hue Bridge Integration. I've checked them all and clicked done.

None of them show up on the devices page. What more do I need to do?

Thanks for any help.

You hit Done at the bottom after selecting all the light correct?

The devices didn't showup in device list but does it showup when you go back into the Hue integration app?

Thanks for the comments @Navat604.

Yes, I did hit the Done button. When I go back into the Hue Integration app I see this.


Still not showing up in devices.

Give support a call at
While waiting. Can you try adding just a couple of devices instead of all of them?

Wait for bulb discovery to complete. What most likely happened is the list refreshed before you clicked done and removed all of your checkmarks. I had the same thing happen.

I did wait for awhile and it has worked.


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Sometimes I feel totally stupid. I suppose it's entirely I'm missing something, but I think there may be some non-standard user interface issues I'm just not understanding.

I added some new Hue bulbs. When I go to Hue Integration it says there are 7 to add. I click on the dropdown and check the seven to add.

Then what do I do? I waited a few minutes, but when I click out of the dropdown, all of my selections are lost!

Shouldn't they still be there? When I click Done it doesn't do anything, because I don't believe my selections are being stored. How do I store them.

Sheesh. I have no idea why I can't figure these things out. Probably something obvious, but not clear to me I suppose.

Images attached.

Here I select all the ones available in the drop down.

Not seeing anything further to do, I click outside the box or go down to select Done and my selections disappear.

You have to wait until discovery is complete to check the lights you want to add. I had the same thing happen to me. Either you have to be quick to click the done button or just wait until it's done....other wise when it updates the list (even if there are no changes to it) it removes all your checks.

How long do I have to wait?

I now see the Bulb Discovery Started message, but I never see a Bulb Discovery completed. It finds the 7 I haven't added immediately, but I can NEVER get them to show up on the li

I waited at least 10 minutes once and the same thing still happens.

Am I supposed to get a completed message? This is pretty frustrating.

I see this. " Let's discover your bulbs. If you don't see any bulbs listed or have recently added a bulb, click the "Refresh Bulb Discovery" Button below. Once you have bulbs listed, select the bulbs you'd like to add. Click Done or Find Groups if you want to add any Groups / Rooms of Bulbs."

I don't see a "Refresh Bulb Discovery" button anywhere.


Two of my Hue bulbs stopped responding to motion lighting and RM actions. I found both of them listed in the HUE Bridge integration app as "Additions bulbs" as if they were new. Currently I have no Discover New Devices or Add button???

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