Hue integration and IKEA Outlet not working

The IKEA outlet now supports the HUE hub since the Outlet version and it pairs well, but if does not transfer to Hubitat. Other new lamps do.

I wonder if this is something that isn't supported right now?

The reason I want the Outlet in HUE is that I have lights on a few outlets and I just want all lights on HUE and not split them.

I dont think its meant to show up as a device is it, its just a repeater ?

The Hue API doesn't support outlets, so HE will not be able to see them. You can pair the outlets directly with HE and use it though. Why not do that? It will strengthen your Zigbee mesh too. Plus if you want to play around with Xiaomi devices, it is compatible. It will keep them stable and reliable, while working nicely with your other Zigbee devices on HE too.

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Actually, with the newest Firmware, the Hue does support them now (see screenshot). I already have them on HE, but I was thinking I wanted to have them on Hue for some bizarre reason as they control lights. No other thinking was done regarding this, except that it is now possible. But your comment about the strengthening of the mesh is quite valid, so perhaps I will just leave them on the HE :slight_smile:

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Yes. I understand that the Hue bridge firmware allows you to connect the outlets to it. It’s the API that allows Hubitat to integrate with the Hue Bridge that doesn’t currently support a connection to those outlets when they are paired with the Hue Bridge.

I can’t see what you could gain from having the outlets on the Hue bridge though, other than maybe a third-party software feature on the bridge. If you have the Hue Integration installed on HE, and the Outlets paired to HE, then you can already control both simultaneously and use them in a lot more complex automations than will ever be possible on the Hue Bridge itself.

Yes, my thinking was to use the HUE remotes on the HUE and customized with the HUE essentials app that allows multiple presses etc. I haven't looked into if I can do similar things with HE, but it is really simple with Hue essentials.

The idea is that if HE goes down, then at least my lights will work on the HUE. And even if they are on HUE, i am able to automate them on HE.. Best of both worlds?

I see your reasoning. You want to control a TRÅDFRI outlet with a Hue remote?

The Hue remote can be paired with HE and support is then possible via the HE Button Controller app, and I think also @stephack ‘s awesome Advanced Button Controller app. These will both give support for multiple button presses.

Some have said their Hue remotes do not stay paired with HE, but I suspect this is just a Zigbee mesh stability issue that the TRÅDFRI outlets can help with when paired to HE.

I have been mulling this over and checked the button controller app, but I think I would still like to use the IKEA Outlet with Hue and not HE (for reasons stated above, to have all "lights" on Hue).

Not being a developer, I wonder if the HE crew can also use the API to enumerate Outlets. I did register for the Hue Developer and took a look at the API and I was able to use it to call up a list of "lights" which did contain the on/off plug, so it seems it can be enumerated from the API and one would think it could then be included in HE ?

To raise the visibility of this and get input I am tagging @mike.maxwell but it would perhaps be better if we could tag a generic hubitat support "user" so we don´t put to much pressure on one developer which name we can remember :wink:

So I have an Innr plug with the same problem. It has paired with Hue and altough it appears on the HE Hue Integration I am not able to add it to devices when pressing done. I understand from what I am reading that the API does not support right now.

For the use case question. I have found, and there are other threads talking about this, that the Innr plugs can in fact repeat for the Hue Bulbs. I live in an apartment made of concrete and the bulb of my main door was unreacheable. The minute i paired the Innr plug it was reachable and I have not had a unreacheability warning again.

So this is why I think it will be good to have support for the outlets on the Hue Integration. I still want to manage everything from Hubitat but I need this outlet paired to the Hue bridge so I can repeat the Hue signal.

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