Hue + INNR RGBW bulbs + Hubitat = no color

I have quite an issue with my INNR bulbs integrated into Hue bridge. INNR bulbs are great replacement for standard Hue bulbs due to much lower price, and I have been using them just fine for few months over Hue app and Google home.

Recently I bought hubitat, and started using it for more complex automations, but I ran into problem with my RGBW bulbs. When I try to adjust their color through hubitat (dashboard or device list, doesnt matter), they refuse to change colors.
When changing "hue" values, nothing happens or it just flickers a bit while they stay in CT mode, even though status line clearly shows "RGB" mode.

Only exception is when I set hue value to 100 and set saturation to max, those bulbs suddenly turn cyan, but no other color is ever produced.

If I set them to specific color over Hue app, and then try changing colors through hubitat, they stay at the same color I specified in Hue app.

Any idea how to solve this? I tried re-adding them into hue and hubitat over again, refresh them, control them over Hue Group, and even tried capturing their values into Hubitat scene but nothing helped.

Any advice other then "buy 10 new bulbs" is appreciated :smiley:

If I had to guess, I'd say that maybe the Innr bulbs support only the XY (and CT) color modes as exposed by the Hue API but not the third, possibility, HS. Hue bulbs (well, Hue White and Color bulbs) support all three, while Hubitat works with only HS and CT modes. Some bulbs like the Tradfri color bulbs only implement XY (not even CT despite supporting this range quite well), and as such don't work with the Hue Bridge integration, either. [EDIT: I mean they work, just not for setting or reading color.]

This is a guess, but you can verify if you know how to access/use the Bridge's debug/CLIP API (or have any other method to see the underlying information from the Bridge). It's on my mind because of the Ikea issue I mentioned above that recently came up in another thread. Directly pairing produces the same issue since Hubitat again only supports HS and not XY, though in that case you could at least work around it with a custom driver (creating one since I don't think one exists) that converts, if you're able to find a good conversion mechanism.

oh damn, thats bummer. Until this day I lived under impression that such stuff will be covered by Hue bridge integration, but it seems like its not the case. Maybe sometimes down the road hubitat will update their drivers to include CIE XY method aswell? From what I read, INNR bulbs work quite well when Hue bridge is paired with ST, so it should be possible down the road. Hopefully. Maybe :smiley:

As detailed in another post XY bulbs are not exposed to control of color by the Hue API. So, Hubitat can't do anything util Hue allows that control.

It's certainly possible! They'd just need to convert to/from HS and XY (and hope we're happy with whatever conversion they're using since I'm not sure there's any standard). A Community driver could do this for directly-paired bulbs (I think there's an Ikea one on ST that does), but it would be quite difficult for a community driver to do so with Hubitat's built-in Hue integration since we don't have access to the source and the whole thing would need to be rewritten (maybe Hue B Smart could?).

The Hue API exposes color mode as either xy, ct, or hs and supports reading or modifying color values in any of those modes, so it's not really the Hue Bridge API that's the problem. The issue is that Hubitat's integration doesn't set or read xy values, only hs (or ct), likely because Hubitat's own color model is basically hs, official Hue bulbs support hs (if color), and it's a lot easier to not do some conversion between the two models (a detail from the underlying Zigbee implementation that the Hue API does not abstract away from its users).

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and xy to hs...
I've not found any conversions that haven't made a complete hash of things, hence why we don't support xy...
find me a formula that can do xy -> hsl -> xy and then back to hsl with a few decimals of accuracy, and I'm all ears...

Hey guys, the weirdest thing happened.

I was tinkering with my lights and just for some testing I disconnected those bulbs from Hue and paired them directly to hubitat.
Well what was my surprise when they suddenly are working again! I can change colors no problem now. From what I read here I think that of they really were just xy lights, this should not be possible?
So it looks like there might be some error in hue rgbw driver? Or some weird inconsistency?

Summary: innr rgbw paired to Hue and then exposed to hubitat with hue rgbw driver = no colors.

Same bulb paired directly to hubitat (it was identified as generic Zigbee CT Bulb at first, so I changed that to generic Zigbee rgbw) = colors are working again?

Any thoughts or ideas?
To be honest I would much rather have all my lights in Hue for consistency, this actual setup really triggers all my OCD's... :joy:

sure, the bulb supports both hsl and xy, hue decided to use xy...

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Is HSL -> RGB and RGB -> HSL equally messy? Because if not, Philips has some recommendations here for conversion between XY and RGB:

RGB conversions get bad in low levels. If you convert from RBG 000 to HSL, you immediately lose where the saturation and hue values are :frowning:

No those are fine, and are included in our color library.