Hue Indoor Motion Sensor question

Same here but will add Home Depot carry Hue products as well and have an amazing 90 day return policy.

Hearing this I might have bought my last Philips product. Complete BS.


In the interests of fairness and Honesty, I would like to provide a bit of an update.

After this Blow up, I didn't hear anything from Phillips Hue until Monday. On Monday I received an email asking for my UPC, Receipt, Pictures of some engraving n the sensor and my address. I provided the requested information, and today I received an email they will be shipping me a new sensor and have provided me with an RMA number to ship this defective sensor back to them. With this latest development, I wanted to acknowledge they did finally step up and back their product, thought they really should have done so from them beginning rather than taking 20 days to decide what they were going to do.

If you made any decision about future Phillips Hue purchases based on this event, please also take into consideration they did finally stand behind their product., albeit a bit belated.