Hue Hub issues since recent Hue firmware update

I don't think this is a Hubitat issue at all but in the last few weeks my previously rock solid Hue Hub integration has started having a few issues.

My bulbs are all connected directly to the Hue Hub and then to HE via the built-in integration.

I noticed on a couple of occasions recently Hue bulbs haven't switched on when they should but on checking the HE logs the command was sent correctly to the Hue Hub. I opened up the Hue app on my tablet today to check it out and while I was testing some bulbs they got marked as unavailable. They did come back and are now working ok again but as I know there has been a Hue hub firmware update recently I wonder if that has created any problems for anyone else?

Weird as I had this happen yesterday. I didn't think much of it because things haven't been very stable for me lately. However I have two Hue bulbs in my pantry that always come on together. Yesterday I noticed only one was on...which was very odd. With the instability in both...unfortunately this is the least of my issues at the moment. I'll try to keep an eye on the Hue stuff better though.

I'm having the same problem. Sometimes only one bulb will come on or go off whereas before they were all in unison. All my bulbs are connected directly to the Hue Hub. This started just about a couple of weeks ago...Not sure if it's Hue or HE problem.

What versions are your Hue hubs on. I haven't noticed these issues yet and wonder if my hub hasn't updated yet.

I'm on this

I've noticed in the Home app that my Hue devices keep being marked as unresponsive. I haven't had any issues controlling them through HE, though I haven't been trying to control them when I noticed they were being marked unresponsive in the Home app. It seems to happen multiple times a day and resolves spontaneously. Nothing appears abnormal in the Hue app during this time. I'm on 1932073040 as well.

Same version. No noticeable issues

No issues for me but my 3 lightsstrips are connected via the Hue bridge.
Same s/w version which was updated 30/5.

Im also on 1932073040 since 31/05/2019

Hmm..I'll keep an eye out.
I wonder if this update included a bulb firmware update. I remember when they did an update a while back a few of my bulbs were acting strange. Turned out that the firmware didn't push to some bulbs. Just a thought.

I know what you mean as I remember mine acting odd while they were being updated, but I've just checked and my bulbs are all on the same firmware (1.46.13_r26312) and the last date of any bulb update was Feb this year, so I don't think it's that.

So...I just made a booboo.
I decided to check the Hue developers site for any Api changes. Came across this post about Whitelist changes.

When I logged into Philips Hue
I saw a whole bunch of unused apps and I started removing all the ones I no longer needed. Problem is, I got delete happy and when I was done I realized I didn't have one in there for Hubitat :man_facepalming:

I'm not at home so I can't test the fallout. @mike.maxwell how screwed am I?

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C5 v2.1.0.123

Yesterday I was having issues where commands to turn on/off lights would randomly fail, all were zigbee bulbs. The same was happening with contact sensors. None of the devices fell off the network, it was more like a command being sent or received getting lost. Example. a door opens and the hub gets the message that it is, but never gets the close action. Open and then close again everything seems OK. Its doubtful this is a HE problem because the same thing would happen on my SmartThings hub. All of these issues have been on zigbee devices but most of my sensors are zigbee. Could it be noise on the 2.4GHz band? Maybe. When it does happen it seems to come in waves where one day I could have 2 or three missed commands and then go days or weeks with no problem. It sure would be nice if there were good consumer tools to monitor zwave and zigbee.

Turns out, Not at all. I opened the HE Hue said something about an invalid username and requested I pushed the Hue button. I did and like magic...good to go...Phew.


Most "delete happy" situations don't resolve so well.

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