Hue Hub Devices not controllable

I've only got my Hubitat today, so am working through the config. I have a Hue hub, currently i only have a single on off switch on it (as it wouldn't find it on the Hubitat, so had to use the Hue), i cannot work out how to include it on off switch in the Rule Machine, i have selected it and added it on the Hubitat Hue app, it's just not there on any of the Rule Machine actions!

I am clearly doing something wrong, but I can't work out what!

By this do you mean you installed the Hue Bridge Integration App and did a bulb discovery?

Yes, I’ve installed the app on the Hubitat, discovered the bulb (although it’s a switch). This is where I’m stuck, as I can’t use it on a Machine Rule.

Ok, I've found out what's happening, because it's a switch, i cannot add it as a device on the Hubitat, however, i pop it in its own group, i can toggle that on and off, as a device!