Hue dimmers and wireless phone chargers

I have been using a hue wireless dimmer next to the bed for maybe almost a year now and it was working fine for the longest time. There's the occasional disconnect then I'd re-pair it back to the hub.

Recently, it's been disconnecting almost every day, or maybe even after a few hours of re-pairing. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what was new in my setup and just realized that I had swapped wireless phone charger with my wife.

I initially been using the horizontal version and then switched over to the slanted type. I'm now testing if going back to my horizontal charger will bring back functionality to my hue dimmer.

For reference.
Old charger.

New charger.

I had a Sylvania plug behind our bed as a repeater for the ceiling fan. We bought new furniture. Went from a bookcase headboard to an upholstered headboard. The fan started falling off the network just like your dimmer. I ended up moving the repeater to another outlet and the fan stays connected now. I once had an extra class Ham radio operator tell me RF is part black magic with a little bit of science all mixed together. LOL

how is it powered?

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