Hue compatible keypad or multi-light controller

Anyone have a recommendation for a keypad (button controller) that will connect to a hue bridge directly? The standard hue dimmer is ok but I'd like something with multiple buttons for individual lamp control. Thinking of a replacement for a Insteon KeyPadLinc that I use currently.

Any reason you want it to connect to Hue, when connecting it to HE opens up a multitude of possibilities and devices?

Yup. I don't run Hue through HE.

You don't run HE at all at the moment, correct?

no. I have 2 hubs and one that is running. The other is powered down at the moment because I needed the POE port.

I don't think you're going to find a lot of options that will work directly with Hue. The Hue app won't let you set up any device that isn't Hue or "Friends of Hue." These devices (that do natively work) include things like the Hue Dimmer, Hue Tap, the Lutron Aurora, and the RunLessWire singe and dual Click switches (the latter of which would kind of get you four buttons).

Of these options, the Hue Tap might be the most similar to what you're looking for. I think this was the first accessory Philips made, and it hasn't changed much since. The buttons can be a bit awkward to press, and it's easy to accidentally press the big/first button when you meant to press one of the three smaller ones, but on the bright side, it's powered by the kinetic energy of your press (Zigbee Green Power) and not batteries. If you don't like these, a different option might be to TouchLink something like an RGBGenie remote directly to your bulb(s). It doesn't look quite like the Insteon and most of theirs won't fit. Lots of other ZLL devices can work in this way directly to Hue--the Ikea 5-button steering wheel, the on/off "switch" (button), and the "hockey puck" (I think discontinued, and not the best device they ever made...), and the Eria Remote come to mind, but I'm sure there are several others. Not all of these are exactly keypads, but they might work for you. :man_shrugging:

I'm sure you're aware that you'll get a lot more options if you put Hubitat in the middle. I'm using lots of Pico remotes to manually control my Hue bulbs (with a custom integration I wrote to expose what I'd consider missing functionality), and they have a few remotes that do look like keypads (or with a higher-end Lutron system, you could actually get keypads, but that would probably be overkill just for this). Lots of other button devices also work, as I'm sure you know and may have reasons for not wanting to use, but it's worth mentioning.

yeah all of those other devices I'm aware of. Was asking to see if maybe someone knew about something I hadn't heard of yet... guess not.


Do you need it to connect to the Hue Bridge or would Touch Linking with the lights be enough? Any of the RGB Genie zigbee controllers can touchlink up to 20 bulbs. All of the changes to the bulbs are captured in the hue app relatively quickly. It's not instantaneous but it's not all that long. Is there something that you want to be able to accomplish in the Hue app that you couldn't through Touch Linking?

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Reports of the Ikea 5 button and the dimmer working. I haven't gotten it to work myself though.

The ikea puck dimmer or the on/off (square) remote? I know that the on/off button can be touch linked as well but I didn't know that you could pair it to the bridge.

Yep the 5 button remote just won't cycle through the colors

Oh and you're right it won't show up in the app. It will just be working through touch link.

I did consider those. The app doesn't get used often and is of little concern so the slower updates to the app aren't important. The RGB Genie is so far the closest option and it does mount to a gang box is needed as well.

They also have glass, wall mount units for color and color temp. They are permanently affixed to the wall. More expensive but I'm told they look really nice on the wall as well.

They have these and the 3 scene model. I'm not looking for "remotes" or stick up units of any kind.

These are cheap compared to a RR2 keypad and they do look nice. I may try one and see how well it works out.

A little birdie told me RGBgenie is having a 25% off sale next week....

Chirp chirp I'll make a note :slight_smile: