Hue bulbs turn themselves on

Hi all,

Been using hubitat for a few years now, works great very happy.

The morning at 1:42am however every single hue bulb in my house turned on waking everyone up.
I have a routine for that to happen if the alarm goes off but the alarm wasn't triggered.

It shows them all turning on in the logs but I can't see why it happened. Is it possible that it was just updating something and forced them all on? It even activated all switches so really not sure but have a house full of very grumpy people today as not many got back to sleep!

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Alexa or Google Home in your environment? Usually my first suspect for a sudden new issue regarding lighting.


I have Alexa, Unsure why it would suddenly turns all the lights on though? The light activations are all showing in the hubitat logs, Hue are useless and don't have logs so can't see where the command came from. :frowning:

Check alexa hunches. If it's on, turn it off. It's an intrusive parasite that should be opt in only.

Hunches not available in the UK so don't think it's that

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What are the lines that preceded the light turn on sequence?

This did lead to the solution indirectly. :sweat: I just worked it out checking voice history in Alexa, my kid needed the bathroom in the night, she forgot the command (and for some reason didn't just use the switch) she said "turn hall lights on" and it turned ALL lights on!!!!!!

Human error not machines

Thanks anyway guys


I'm afraid you'll have to return the kid. You may or may not get a partial refund. If you can't get the refund, there is always ebay... You may not get what you want but it would be more than the partial refund. Bad product like that isn't worth the hassle. Believe me, I know, I had to post both mine to FB marketplace... Still no takers yet though. I think they know they're bad...


A few years ago the exact same thing happened in my house. My wife was not happy. I added 2 more motion sensors in the hallway shortly after.


This won't get better with age. For 6 years I've been trying everything I can think of to implement simple methods for my wife to be able to get Alexa to do what she wants. Individual device names are impossible for her to remember. I thought Alexa context aware lights was as about as simple as I could make it. With 6 Echos scattered strategically throughout the house, all she has to say is "Alexa, turn on the lights." On her first try, "Alexa, turn on all the lights", did exactly what she asked. Including a lot of virtual switches triggering Alexa routines I hadn't planned on. Doorbell rang, garage door opened, etc.


oooh not good WAF. :rofl:

I've said a hundred time I don't like talking to my house. The most I do is ask google to add something to grocery list while I'm cooking. For bathrooms in the middle of the night I simply use a zigbee night light set to blue to come on at 20% (enough to illuminate the toilet) when motion is detected between 10:30 and sunrise. That way I don't hear anyone asking to turn anything on and it goes off after 5 mins of inactivity.... The blue light also helps not completely waking anyone up yet enough to not miss the toilet (we do this in the master bath too)

Worst thing is there's a motion sensor in her room and just outside but she was half asleep haha


Hue bulbs are designed to turn on when the power goes out and comes back on. Maybe there was a power outage.

See above, his kid activated the whole house by voice.,

While the original issue has been solved, this is still worth noting: this is no longer true. It is still the default setting, but power-on behavior has been configurable on Hue bulbs with recent firmware (all bulbs dating back to the first generation can be updated) for a few years now.


Which is why the first place I rid of other Zigbee bulbs was the bedrooms. Hue bulbs don’t have to be turned back off by the hub after a power failure like other bulbs, it’s apparently set on the bulb itself, so it doesn’t come on at all. Of course, it’s a little strange when moving a bulb to a different location and it doesn’t come on when it’s screwed in, but that’s alright.

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I did the same (motion sensors) after a similar experience with Alexa, but I also changed all device and room name uses of “Hall” to “Hallway” to prevent a reoccurrence. Hasn’t happened since.

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I forgot that I did the same. I really don’t look at the Alexa integration much anymore since I have things mostly how I want them.