Hue Bulbs not reporting status correctly in dashboards

Anyone having issue with hue bulbs not reporting correct status in dashboards?

Once I toggle the bulbs or make a change it seems to stay updated with the correct status, but i started to notice many times the hue bulbs need be toggled on or off twice to get them to function. Again this is in the dashboard.

I have a hue bridge linked to the HE and am using the hue app in HE.

There are two possible issues here.

First, Hubitat's Hue Bridge integration relies on polling the Bridge, meaning that every so often it asks the Bridge for an updated state for lights/groups. The Hue Bridge does not provide a way to "push" changes to third-party integrations like Hubitat. So, if you make changes outside of Hubitat (e.g., from the Hue app), then these changes will not be reflected in Hubitat until the next poll. By default, polling happens at 1 minute intervals, but you can configure this in the Hue Bridge Integration app on Hubitat. You can also mostly avoid this issue by manipulating the bulbs from Hubitat whenever possible (e.g., from a Hubitat app/automation, Dashboard, or manually from the device page if you're testing something)--then the changes will be reflected immediately.

If the above doesn't describe your issue, then it could be a second problem. I'd leave Dashboard out of the picture for a minute. Do the "Current States" on the Hue bulbs' device page in Hubitat update as expected? Here, I mean go to "Devices" and then the page for a light/group you're wondering about, then look in the upper right corner of that page (or near the top on mobile). Again, keep in mind the above, so manipulate either from the Hue device in Hubitat or wait for the next poll. (You could also manually refresh the Hue Bridge [not bulb/group] device in Hubitat if you don't want to wait.) The Dashboard should reflect whatever you see in "Current States"; if not, something is wrong with Dashboard, but if the device page is wrong, Dashboard will never be right because they both get their information from the same place. The only issue I could think of with Dashboard, given that I'm not aware of any showstopping bugs, is one where if your device/browser "sleeps" for a while, the local Dashboard might lose its connection and need a refresh/reload of the page to start working again--likely depends on the device/browser.

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I'll just confirm and reaffirm what @bertabcd1234 wrote out well. If the device is updating state in the HE device page than your device/browser is lickely "sleeping". This can also be tested if you have multiple mobile devices running the m same dashboard and it only happens on 1 or the other. If the state in HE device page is not updating it is not a dashboard issue.

If it is just a dashboard issues, I was able to overcome this on one of my "sleepy" iPads by making a dash with a 120 LAN second refresh rate instead of the default 2 seconds (maybe to fast for my older unit). You could also look into a kiosk browser that can be set to refresh as needed.

Do some testing to see if the problem is with the hub updating state, or with the dash ignoring state changes (while sleeping). Once we know exactly which area is failing we can focus our solutions.

Thanks everyone. I just did some testing and it seems my devices are not getting the correct status on the device page itself. I checked the polling which is set a 1 minute.

Even after a minute the status does not refresh. If i make the changes through HE it remains accurate. As soon as I make a change through Hue directly it goes out of sync.

To see if it helps, maybe try changing your polling interval to something else, click "Done" (to exit the app and save), then go back in and change it to 1 minute or whatever you want and hit "Done" again ... just guessing that this might help get the refresh/poll re-scheduled correctly.

So I think I made some progress. I did try what Bert suggested and it made no difference. By mistake I removed the link with the bridge and re-added. It is working for now. You are correct that it is not instant and based on the polling of 1 minute. I will see if this lasts.

Thanks for all of the help so far.

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I had major issues with Hue lights not updating their status/attributes any time I controlled one of them through something other than HE. This affected the dashboard as well but as you mentioned the actual device status wasn't updating in HE. Nothing I tried worked.

I was able to work around it by connecting the Hue lights to Smartthings instead of HE and then using Hubconnect to connect via ST. It has worked so far and I can control all of my hue lights with HE, ST and Hue and all 3 systems will reflect the changes. The delay is minor as well (<1s)

The problem there is that this introduces the cloud, which I'm on Hubitat because I prefer to avoid. :slight_smile: If for some reason you can't get the Hue Bridge Integration app to work with your polling interval but a manual "Refresh" (from the device page) of the Bridge device works, you could create a rule as a workaround to refresh the Bridge on your schedule, every minute or whatever. That being said, you shouldn't need to do that, so if nothing else seems to work I might contact Support to at least let them know of the problem.

If the cloud is OK for you use case, however, then glad it's working for you!

A fair point but doesn't the native hue integration work off of the cloud anyway?

I'm all for keeping it local but it was ruining the experience for my better half and she was just using the hue app to control the lights all the time.

No, the Hue Bridge has a local HTTP(S) API that Hubitat uses to communicate with it over your LAN. (As of fairly recently, ST uses this instead of the cloud too, but the cloud comes in on ST in that most apps, including all custom apps like HubConnect, require the cloud, so "local" devices end up not meaning anything.)

If you're willing to try custom code, I wrote a custom Hue Bridge integration (CoCoHue) that I'd be willing to troubleshoot with you if polling (or anything) ends up not working. Otherwise, if ST and the cloud work (or you do ask Support for ideas on why the native integration isn't doing this), whatever works best for you is the right answer. :slight_smile:

Wow I did not know that, I just assumed! Thanks for that info. I will look into CoCoHue. I'm glad ST is working but if I can get it going locally then that would be awesome. Thank you!

Was having exactly same problem and discover the group again fixed my problem. For details, see: Hue Bridge Integration - Switch changes outside HE not reflected

Hi Kenneth
Thanks for your point. As you said I tried many work arounds. Only thing that worked was going to group and refreshing. Didn't even have any new groups to add, just refreshed and the auto polling started working correctly.

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