Hue Bridge Integration - Switch changes outside HE not reflected

I have my Hue lights integrated into Hubitat using the Hue Bridge Integration. Since we had Hue for a couple years before getting Hubitat, we have a number of Hue switches that we use to turn our lights on and off. When we turn a group of lights on or off with the Hue switch, the status of the lights in Hubitat does not change. The status is then incorrect in a dashboard and my rules that request toggling the lights don't do the correct thing. The Bridge Polling Interval in the Hue Bridge Integration is set at 1 minute. I expected that the status would be updated once per minute, but it is never updated. The status of the lights only updates when I change it via Hubitat. Have I set something incorrectly or I am expecting it to do something it wasn't ever programmed to do.

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Do you have the polling set correctly in the Hue integration in HE?
Go into the Hue Integration App in HE and select Options.


Make sure it is set for 1 minute. It can take up to 1 minute for changes made outside of HE to reflect in HE. Have you considered moving your Hue switches over to HE and having the control start there rather than having the switches paired to your hue hub?

Yes, the Polling Interval is set at 1 minute.

I had not considered moving the Hue switches to HE. I guess that is an option if polling doesn't work. Seems like a lot of effort since I have quite a few Hue switches.

Does the state update if you click the Refresh button on a Hue bulbs device page (the bulb in question or any bulb--a refresh grabs all the states again). If so, it seems the Hue app's polling interval might not be working as expected. If not, something is probably wrong with the integration itself. Try enabling debug logging and see what you can see in the logs--does it look like it's trying or do you see any errors?

The refresh button the hue bulbs device page doesn't do anything. If you want to update your hue bulbs you need to hit refresh on the hue hub device, not the bulbs. But again, refresh is the same as the poll set in the integration.

Ya know it's weird. I thought HE didn't poll and if Hue did anything without HE it would never update, as that's the behavior I saw. Going into the Hue integration and selecting 1 Minute polling (which was already set) seems to have fixed it...

Probably a bug/issue but if it keeps working I don't feel like stirring the pot...

I am seeing the same issue. I have routines that run on HUE and HE never updates the status. I tried re-selecting the 1 minute update on the Hue integration set-up and no difference. I have also turned on the debug logging and do not see any polling update from the Hue hub.

This looks like a bug

I know it's an old thread, but want to share a potential fix, that may help others, and a doubt, that hope Hubitat team will see their gap.

The fix worked for me: I was experiencing the exact same problem as OP. Tried all sort of "fixes" and none of them worked. Finally, I realized that the problem is my changes (add/remove/rename) to the room settings in Hue app. I need to go to Hue Bridge Integration app in Hubitat WebUI to Find Groups and rediscover and add them. Once it's done, it refreshes.

The doubts about poor Hubitat Hue integration: I have SmartThings hub too and I'm 100% sure that the Hue integration is local (automation works when I'm disconnected from the Internet). Yet the Hue bulb status updates instantly in SmartThings. All I need to do is to rediscover the device after I changed the room and bulb settings in Hue app, everything else just works. While I liked the local part of Habitat, the software quality is questionable comparing to SmartThings when it actually supports local.

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