Hue bulbs dont turn on for the first time

Can someone explain to why Hue bulbs dont turn on for the first time many times just for the second trigger?

Thank you

How do you have these Hue bulbs set up? Are they Hue Bridge bulbs with Hubitat's built-in (or another) Hue Bridge integration, or are you using them as directly-paired Zigbee devices? The biggest question I'd have in the former case is how many bulbs or groups you're trying to control at a time (and if groups, Hue groups or Hubitat groups?); the biggest question I'd have in the latter case is what the rest of your Zigbee network looks like (notably whether you have any non-bulb devices like smart plugs, sensors, etc.).

They are directly on Hubitat with generic zigbee driver. No groups.
Yes i have zigbee sensors and switches as well.

Thank you

How many bulbs are you controlling at a time? Without groups, I usually have bad luck controlling more than a few directly-paired bulbs at a time.

Also, beware of the issues with pairing Zigbee bulbs directly to Hubitat if you have a "mixed" network, with other types of Zigbee devices, as you do. Hubitat's Zigbee tips document warns about this and you can find lots of posts about this (many very recently from me, since this seems to be coming up a lot more lately for some reason...), but to summarize, the issue is that some bulbs are bad repeaters and can cause problems for your Zigbee network. This may or may not be related to that, but it's good to know regardless.

Hi. First of all thank you for your kind repiles. Im turning just one bulb at the time. Before the firmware "upgrade" brought the new bulb driver, the "advanced" one the worked alright. Then with the new firmware my motion based automations stopped working, except the bathroom fan. This made me focus on the zigbee bulbs. I rolled back the drivers to the generic zigbee bulb one , but still only work intermittently.
Thank you

When I switched back to the generic zigbee driver I first used [Zigbee - Generic Device Toolbox] as the device driver to clear out the preferences, states, and variables before switching. I saw issues with the Advanced Zigbee driver not correctly reporting states.

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