Hue Bridge integration won't add Hue Smart plugs


I recently installed a HE and a Philips Hue Bridge. I have connected four smart plugs to the Hue Bridge. Having installed the Hue Bridge integration in HE, HE finds the Bridge and the four smart plugs. I check the checkboxes for all four smart plugs and press Done, but the smart plugs does not seem to be added. When I open the Bridge integration app again, the smart plugs still appear in the list and are still checked, but have not moved to "previously installed lights". If I look in the device list, the smart plugs does not appear and are consequently not available in HE.

Any thoughts?

The built in HE Hue bridge integration doesn't support the hue plugs, only lights. Your options are to pair the plug directly with HE or try bertabcd1234's CoCoHue driver


Thanks Michael

I just came here to say that I have a workaround for the Hue plugs with the built in Hue Bridge integration.

I have a smart plug that is connected to to my Hue bridge. I put it in it's own Room (Attic) in Hue and then in HE I add Attic as a group - I can then switch that whole room on and off. Works perfectly.

Hope that helps somebody.


It's great! Thank You!

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