Hue Bridge Integration: support device type "On/Off plug-in unit"


I have some Osram Smart+ plugs (Sylvania in the US) connected to my Hue bridge.

They pair and work perfectly fine and I can turn them on and off from Hubitat via their Hue group. I can't, however, add the individual devices to Hubitat, because they present as a device type not yet supported by Hubitat's Hue bridge app.

This is the Hue Bridge Integration app's output from when I try to add the individual devices to Hubitat:

[WARN] Device type On/Off plug-in unit not supported

Philips once sold a ZigBee plug called 6916531PH Living Whites adapter that is officially supported for Hue which, I guess, would present as the same device type via the Hue API.

Would be great if you could take a look into this.


Different firmware than the Sylvania Smart+ perhaps? Several users have said they do work and the North American non-A version make decent routers for Xiaomi devices. They do note in other threads that they are a pain to pair. Maybe you are just experiencing the same pain point.

I don't think they're having problems pairing--looks like they're paired to the Hue bridge just fine. It's a matter of Hubitat's Hue integration not being able to add this type of device from Hue as a device in Hubitat (not too surprising since it's not something that happens very often). It looks like it would be possible for Hubitat to modify the stock Hue app to allow these Hue-paired devices to be added as simple on/off devices if they wanted to.

However, since the poster has Hubitat and this plug could pair directly to Hubitat, another question is: why do you want it paired to Hue instead of directly to Hubitat? For bulbs, there are some advantages and reasons I keep them on the Hue hub--they can get firmware updates, and Alexa support is native through the Hue bridge and supports more functionality ("set Light XYZ to green"), for example. You can also use Hue accessories also paired directly to Hue (like the Hue Dimmer or Tap with Hue scenes) to control these devices, which I find a bit easier than trying to do the same through Hubitat. But if you don't care for that, the only advantage I see is native HomeKit support if you have at least the v2 Hue bridge. Otherwise, is there something you can do on Hue that you couldn't do if this device were paired directly to Hubitat?


you're exactly right. Plugs are paired fine and working well with Hue.

The reason why I prefer to have them working through the Hue bridge is that all lighting-related devices are in one place. If necessary, all lights can be controlled via the Hue app on my phone. Hue has native device grouping, which is kind of nice (can be done in Hubitat with an app too, I'm aware of that). Just a few aspects. Not a showstopper if I have to move the plugs to Hubitat, just thought it would be nice.