Hue bridge integration - room / zones?

I have the hue bridge up and running and added my lights. I see the docs mention using "Hue Groups" to avoid popcorn effect.

In my Hue App, I have "Rooms" and just now created my first "Zone". So right now I have 2 lights in my Garage room, but also in a Garage zone. Now when I get back to the hubitat and find groups - I see Garage listed twice.

Is there one I should be using over the other? What's the different?

I guess I could see a "Living Room" room have multiple zones - but are each of these individual zones AND the living room itself all considered groups?

To group the devices in Hue, you need a room or a zone. Their intent is for "zones" to be things smaller than a room or heaving devices from multiple rooms (like "upstairs"), though I suppose you can do whatever you want. However, I'm not sure it makes sense to call a room and a zone the same thing--either use just one, or call them different things. On the Zigbee side, it will be the same; on the Hue app side, bulbs can only be in one room but can be in any number of zones.

But to directly answer your question, the integration doesn't provide a way to distinguish that I know of.

Awesome, thanks for the clarification!

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