Hue Bridge Integration can't find bridge

Is there some trick to getting the Hue Bridge Integration to discover my bridge? I get the "discovery started" screen and push the button on my bridge, but the only bridge that it finds is my emulated Hue bridge on Home Assistant.

(It's also not clear... is it discovering bridges the whole time it's on that screen or is there a silent timeout?)

Is your Hue hub on the same subnet as your HE? I don't think the discovery broadcast they use will traverse a subnet without special considerations. I know the CoCoHue community supported integration allows you to specify an IP address. I don't know if there's a way to do that with the community driver, but that might help you debug at least. What's your network configuration look like?

They're both on the same subnet and even connected to the same Ethernet switch.

Should I be looking into this CoCoHue thing? I didn't even know there was another Hue Bridge integration.

You may want to check the Logs page while discovery is running, it may tell you if you encounter an error (click Logs on the left menu). Also, asking the obvious, you are pressing the Hue button on the Hue bridge as soon as you click next in the app discovery, right?