Hue App - Hubitat Support Multi Hue Hubs?


Trying to add a 2nd Hue Hub without any success so far.

I have added my main Hue Hub - Hub 2 and now trying to add the other Hue Hub Hub 1.

I have added a secondHue Bridge Integration and when selected shows both Hubs.

Selecting Hue Hub 1 - ie not the one already added it asks me to Press the button on the Hue Bridge to setup a link.

I press the Hue Hub 1 button and return to the Hubitat and press Done

Hubitat just starts the process all over again around and around in circles.

I have tried taking Hubitat through to Linking with your Hue - pressing the Hue Hub Button and just waiting and waiting and waiting but Hubitat doesn't detect the Hue Hub Button press.

Is it just a limitation of the Hubitat that it will only connect to one Hue Hub?

Ok took a Hubitat reboot. A Hue Hub reboot and removal of the Hue app and re-install of the Hue App and on the 4th attempt the Hubitat finally saw the Hue Hub Button Press.

Huzzah !!!!!

This hub really make you earn victories!!

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