Good morning everyone,
I recently picked up a ceiling fan that uses WiFi. It is a Hampton bay that uses the Hubspace app.

I can connect it tough Alexa. I tied just adding a virtual switch but not working as is should. Didn't know if anyone has had any luck or working on a integration. When I added the virtual switch with HE on the Alexa side it shows up as a light and not a switch so unable to tune it on with routines. Any thoughts would be great. Thank you.

My Alexa app allows me to choose between light and switch for virtual switches. Have you tried going into Alexa and tapping the device's settings icon?

I will have to look into that. Thank you. I will also let you know if that worked.

Thank you. I was able to get the light over to a switch. I still can not make the virtual switch show up under "when this happens" \ "smart home". I think if i could i would be able to connect this and make this a button on my Dashboard.

You’ll need to have a virtual contact sensor for it to trigger an Alexa Routine. I use the following driver for this purpose:

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