Hubspace Recessed Wifi light driver

Anyone come up with a driver for the hubspace wifi lights?

What kind of API does it have?

No idea but I found this for Homeassistant. Not sure if that will help.

Looks like that makes some kind of connection to the manufacturer’s cloud. So in theory it’s probably possible to write a Hubitat driver for that too.

However I would strongly suggest not using a light fixture that needs an active internet connection and a functioning cloud server maintained by the manufacturer in order to actually work as a “smart” device.

Yes I saw that. Might have to rethink using this type of light.

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I have similar canless lights like that, but they’re just dumb old lights. I use a Lutron system to smarten them up, which integrates beautifully with Hubitat over a local Telnet connection.

I need a 4” can RGBW solution.

That does narrow down the options.

What are your goals for color-changing light effects?

It is a light for a niche in our hallway. Need color options for Halloween and Christmas. White for the rest of the year. Don't really need effects but a fade between a couple of color would be nice. I can't use LED strips. So, need a 4" can light or a bulb for a can fixture. I might have to go with a wiz bulb and change out my fixture.

Maybe this one? Uses zigbee.

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