Hubspace Integration How do you do?

I have a light dimmer that came with the Hubspace App for control. I don't see Hubspace Integration with Hubitat. Any ideas on how to add this device? I should add, this is literally "day-1" using the Hubitat world.

Welcome to Hubitat! I wish I had better news about your first post here, but Hubspace is a wifi system, so it's not likely going to be directly compatible with Hubitat anytime soon, if ever.

If it has an open & documented API, that could someday lead to a Hubitat integration.

Other (indirect) integration options could possibly be through Homebridge or Home Assistant, but I don't know if Hubspace is compatible with either of those.


FWIW, it doesn't support Matter either - closing another avenue of potential integration with Hubitat.


I think this pretty much sums up most Wifi devices. (from the HA integration docs)

If you can find another device that works for your needs, I would highly recommend doing so over Hubspace devices. This integration is meant to give basic functionality.
Hubspace devices are 100% reliant on the cloud for homeassistant. If Hubspace goes out of business, they will be useless. Some devices have a Bluetooth fall back (many devices use a custom unflashable ESP32-based chip), which the Hubspace app can control, but I have not been able to reverse engineer the BLE protocol.

-- GitHub - jdeath/Hubspace-Homeassistant: Hubspace Integration for Home Assistant

You would need Home Assistant to integrate those, and even the author of the integration does not really recommend it!

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Oh, it's the new Home Depot thing.

Hubspace FAQ

It does mention Alexa, so that might be something... :man_shrugging:

Thank you jtp! Looks like I will be more careful on what smart switches I purchase going forward. Its just a closet light so I'm not really concerned.

Ideally you want Zigbee or Z-Wave and Matter support was just added, so many Matter devices will now work also. Wifi devices locked into vendor apps are often hard to support, except the few that have an open and documented API (some are even local).

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Wouldn’t be ideal, but you could create a virtual switch on your hub and then use 4 Alexa routines to control the Hubspace switch:

  1. If Hubspace turns on turn on HE Virtual
  2. If Hubspace turn off turn off HE Virtual
  3. If HE Virtual turns on turn on Hubspace
  4. If HE Virtual turns off turn off Hubspace

Sadly you can't, as the switch status can't be exposed as a alexa routine. I could get it to go one way, using a HE virtual switch with contact, and alexa can trigger a routine to turn on the hubspace device. but if the hubspace device is turned on by alexa, or the device is directly locally turned on/off, you can see that in alexa, but can't trigger the routine to set the HE switch in return