HubMesh in a router mesh

No dice. Haven't had that chromecast issue either. Might be my model... Rt-ac88u.

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That’s a shame. Well, at least hubconnect will continue to work.

Version has a TCP based option for hub mesh. It uses well known ports, and it does not use multicast, so it should work with mesh routers and other setups that do not support multicast for one reason or another.

The switch is at the bottom of hub mesh page. You'll need to reboot the hub for it to take effect. Keep in mind that UDP and TCP based versions of hub mesh use entirely different communication protocols and cannot talk to each other. They will not even "see" each other.

Now, everyone's network is different, and we couldn't possibly test every configuration out there. But it's pretty easy to switch and switch back, so give it a shot!


Wow that was fast!

Currently it's a bit flaky. Sometimes they pop up, others not. Did see my meshed hub pop up for a moment though, so that's good news :slight_smile:


Pressing search again causes the connections to reset. Let it stabilize a bit and it should work.

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Got it! Okay, off to the races.

Installed .145 and mesh network came right up! Cool. I started this AM with a few devices in the mesh but couldn't stop myself from continuing to add devices, by the end of the day I've ported everything from Hubconnect to mesh network and I'm loving it. Definitely much faster response time on devices on the remote hub. Bit of a workload challenge to modify Rule Machine scripts that used the mesh devices but manageable and well worth it.

P.S. My local network is on an Orbi system and it didn't work with HE mesh until .145. Providing the TCP option in .145 worked for me!


Does that mean it can now work with remote Internet based slaves ?

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TCP seems to be working good with my Orbi routers.


It looks up other hubs on the local subnet (/24), so most likely no.

@gopher.ny Enticingly close :wink:

Found a bug I think. Not sure if I should post here or.....

Cannot use global RM variable in "Set Color Temperature per mode" for a meshed device on a remote hub using a button controller. (** bad value **).

Variables on a mesh device seems to work okay in other sections.

Not sure if it's related, but I had two similar issues with RM rules that accessed GVs that caused rules to go corrupt, at least that's what I suspect. Rules had run fine on daily basis prior to updated platform. I was able to delete those rules manually and reenter them again and they run fine now without problems. Re-entering those two RM rules from scratch seemed to make RM happy again.

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Thanks, I should have updated - that's what I did and all is well. All in all I've only had like, two small hiccups in the transition, which is prettttttty seamless!

Same thing here, everything seems to be running very well and really like the new features, especially the hub mesh.

Did you solve problem with asus imesh and hubitat mesh? Have same issues :frowning:

Thank you in advance

I noticed something strange today where Hub Mesh failed to sync a device attribute state to my controller hub. Despite the hub mesh option to resync every two minutes, the state never updated. I just now switch to TCP option. Does the TCP option use web sockets or regular HTTP calls between hubs? Is there any concerns in moving to TCP over UDP? I like the fact that TCP will retry updates vs UDP fire and forget. Why the resync process using UDP failed is beyond me.

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With my mesh router I found that the TCP option seemed to be the better configuration. Early indications seem to point to multicast and IGMP on the mesh routers as causing the issue, and some people experienced better results by disabling IGMP, others didn't notice a difference so YMMV.

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The hub discovery process on reboot is slower, otherwise no.