HubMesh / hubconnect question

If I have all (well most, like 90%) of my rules, apps, etc on my C4, but all my devices are actually in a linked C7 hub, Do I still need the stick on the C4? Or can I remove it from that hub and disable the radios on it? I am thinking I should be ok to do that but wanted to ask.

It sounds like your C-4 no longer has any Z-Wave or Zigbee devices directly connected to it. If that is correct, then, yes, you can remove the stick(s) from the C-4 and disable the radios in Settings. Hub Mesh and HubConnect are, from the perspective of the "shared-to" hub, ultimately just LAN (or cloud if you use that option in HubConnect) integrations, unaware of the protocol(s) in use on the "host" hub.

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Correct, there are no devices paired directly to the C4. It just handles the rules and processes. The devices are all connected to one of 2 C7's (I have no idea what to do with the other). I was using hub connect, but when I changed my router it stopped working and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I removed it and switched to hub mesh. Seems to work for what I need.
To be honest, switching out that router caused a lot more grief than I was expecting.