Hublink with Smarthings HUB broken

Hublink between my Smarthings hub is broken after update. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

More than likely is that the ST side no longer exists with their Groovy retirement. Could look at


For SmartThings,

In addition to the HubiThings Replica, you can look also at Mira: Hubitat to SmartThings hub integration Edge driver - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community


SmartThings finally shut down groovy on their servers this past week.

Thank You

Hi, I have Smarthings and Hubitat on the same network. I am interested in testing this.
Can you send it to me?

The links are in the posts above.
Actually, I am using only Mira because my needs were to expose some of my HE devices to ST mobile app. However, I was able to link also my Lidl on/off switch and Lidl 5-button remote to Hubitat! (these are the only 2 devices that are paired to ST).

I'm just glad I was able to migrate my entire setup over to HE from ST before they fully pulled the plug!

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Thank You

What do you have on ST at this point that won't run directly on Hubitat?

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