Hublink, Hubconnect and Other Hub

I've been trying to sort through information I can find on the apps listed in the title but I've found myself very confused as to what does what exactly.

I have a newest gen Smartthings hub that I want to put in my detached garage/shop to control/monitor a few basic things in there.

I have several cat 6 lines buried that run to the garage/shop. I have both a wifi router and an ethernet switch in the garage I can hook the smartthings to so it can talk to the hubitat C7.

I want to be able to control/monitor everything from the hubitat app on my phone without ever having to use the smartthings app. So two way communication/control is necessary between the two platforms

Is what I want even possible? If so which app allows me this functionality.

If this is not possible with what I have, will purchasing a second C7 hub and putting it in the garage do what I want?

HubLink, Other Hub and HubConnect work with SmartThings TODAY... none are expected to survive the end-of-groovy that SmartThings is planning. Other Hub is unidirectional, HubConnect is bidirectional. HubLink uses Link to Hub as it's counterpart.

HubMesh and HubConnect will allow 'mirroring' of devices between Hubitat hubs.

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