HubLink - Getting it set up

I am trying to link 2 HE hubs. I think I have followed the instructions but I don't think I have it right. I have added the HubLink app to the primary hub, giving the IP address of the secondary hub. Likewise, I have added the HubLink app to the secondary app, giving the IP address of the primary hub. Not sure what else I need to do. I'm trying to get access to the secondary hub's devices and dashboards from the primary hub.

Give the directions a read again: Hub Link - Hubitat Documentation. You don't install Hub Link on both hubs, only the "master." You install Link to Hub on the other.

Also, it's more work to set up, but it's a lot more powerful: if you haven't seen HubConnect yet, you may wish to check it out instead.

Oops. I'll have to fix that mistake. Thanks.

I can always use HubLink now and replace it with HubConnect in the future should I desire to do so, correct?

Of course!

You can, but you'll have to redo all the automations on the remote hub with the "new" devices. :slight_smile:

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While you can do this, I don't recommend it. I just went through the process of redoing dozens of automations with new HubConnect devices. And honestly, HubConnect is so much nicer than HubLink that I'd recommend just using it.

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Sounds like I need to give HubConnect a try. That being said, having been told that the install can be rather difficult, I'm a bit gun shy. I have no background in programming, and while much of this stuff seems to be second nature to so many folks, I find myself having to navigate foreign waters with much of this. I'm coming from Wink which was very user friendly.

So you're not really coding, just copying and pasting other people's (unfortunately quite a lot of it, but you technically don't need all the drivers except for devices you plan to use; I installed most anyway). Most things are friendly in Hubitat, I think, but installing custom apps and drivers isn't one of them if you're new. Still, if you can follow the instructions, it shouldn't be too bad!

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That's exactly where i came from. No programming needed for HubConnect. And the documentation by @srwhite and @csteele is really extensive and clear.

One big hint I'll offer is to use the Import feature of Hubitat to install the components of HubConnect.

Here's a quick table of all the Import URLs:

HubConnect Import URLs

I recently created some very simple screen capture videos on the installation process:
HubConnect Server Install

HubConnect Remote Install