Hubitat with other systems

been using hubitat for years but now i am starting to use it for lutron lighting (previously only used picos with hubitat).

What is the general consensus for how to do you home automation/rules

i been a firm believer as everything comes back to hubitat and i use rules machines for everything.

So if i have alexa stuff i have a button exposed and rules machine waits for that button to turn on/off

Now with the pico remotes i started setting up picos to control lutron lighting and then a few other things.
should i have the picos control the lighting on lutron system then anything else that is needed from picos do on hubitat or do everything on hubitat? i like everything in one place but i assume pico to lutron is faster.

i hope i got across what i am trying to shorter terms. Should i have each device do its automation/controls or let hubitat handle it


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@tomm1313 Keep doing everything in hubitat. Do not use smart bulbs with lutron switches though as they will get shut off. Let hubitat do everything. I use pico's for table lamps and a few other always on bulbs. Otherwise all switches are controlled from hubitat. I do have a couple of pico's bound to switches for 3way switching applications but the pico's aren't controlled by hubitat for that, the switches are. The pico's are just for manual switching.

I'd theoretically prefer Hubitat since it's more powerful than Lutron's automation capabilities (or that of most other systems with which it can integrate: Philips Hue, etc.). However, there are certain cases where Lutron-to-Lutron via Hubitat automations may cause a 1-second delay with the Lutron commands, which you can read more about here:

In that case, you may wish to use all Lutron if it meets your needs. You may not always notice or care about this issue (e.g., if your lights have a slow fade-up time), but it can be good to consider.

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