Hubitat with Nvidia Shield and Logitech Harmony hub


I'm designing a smart home and am looking for a locally controlled hub with Zwave.
Hubitat seems like a good option (hoping the app will roll out soon), but since there is no WIFI and no official support is listed - I wonder if I can integrate my Logitech Harmony hub and my Nvidia Shield in my home automation using the Hubitat.

Would appreciate any information on this matter.


Welcome @shunem. Usually Hubitat is connected into your wifi router via a LAN connection, as it doesn't contain a wifi chip. It instead has a Z-Wave and Zigbee radio.

Most of the officially supported products are z-wave/zigbee, with a few local integrations for things like Philips Hue, Lutron, etc, and a few cloud connections like IFTTT, Google Home, Alexa etc. A lot of local integrations use unofficial api methods which the team aren't supporting officially but the community is great at providing ways and means.

Example: [Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20190723

The harmony hub can control the Shield i think, as well as it can host other things like Plex for you to connect to. You won't find these integrations with official support, but the community is fantastic.

Edit: Oh there is an Android and IOS app already as well, which allows for push notifications, geolocation, and access to a control dashboard. Hubitat doesn't use an app to configure the automations, their philosophy is to keep configure and control separate.


Can confirm.

Sure does. Lots of cool community authored and supported "apps" for Hubitat that make the Harmony / Shield combo pretty great.

Not only can you integrate your Shield, but you can use whats playing to control your lighting. When I start a movie, all of the lights in the room go off. When I pause the movie, a few lights go on very dim. When I stop the movie, the lights go on brighter. You can use that info to trigger any other automation you like, or be a condition that prevents other automations from happening.

I run Plex Media Server with Kodi front end on the Shield using PlexKodiConnect add-on for Kodi. Hubitat has a Plex Communicator app that uses webhooks to get the status of the Shield. And the same developer also wrote a Media Scene app. jebbett (Jake) ยท GitHub

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Thank you all!
Sounds like it can do everything i need :slight_smile: