Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor

Ok I'll test this tonight

Ok I changed it too

  float temp = adjustTemp((hexStrToSignedInt(descMap.value) / 100.00).toFloat()) "descMap.value: ${descMap.value} - createTempertureEvent: ${temp}"

Logging shows

descMap.value: 033B - createTempertureEvent: 8.467529


I'm waiting for the temp to drop below 32F/0C. That's when the temperature readings went wonky. That will happen this evening around 9PM PDT

But so far the readings are correct.

Sure, if you don't treat these as signed, that's what happens...


@mike.maxwell Honestly I didn't even think about it needing to be signed last night.

It should give a correct reading in F or C which I will check tonight.

That fixed the wrong values. :slight_smile:

info Temp: [name:temperature, translatable:true, value:31.6, unit:°F, descriptionText:Porch ESEx temperature is 31.6 °F]
info descMap.value: FFE6 - createTempertureEvent: -0.26
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@iharyadi I created a pull request for the changes I made. Please have a look at it. Thanks for a great device.

Well if anyone wants the changes that fixes the temperature when it falls below 32F/0C my changes are at...

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Iman, I'm Marty in New York. Do you have any of the extenders still available? The post is SO long, I couldn't find it. Thank you!

Hi Marty, welcome to Hubitat.

I do not have any extender available at this moment. I have a few boards on order. Once they arrived, I will assemble them. I will let you know at that point about availability. There are a few member also has requested the modules after I run out.

I am just a hobbyist. I will assemble the module by hand. Please be patient as I will have to find time to do so. As an estimate, I should have sometime this holiday season. I should have some modules available around December time.


Iman, thanks so much for the quick reply!

Of course, I realize you do this by hand, more a labor of love than a business!

I shall (very) patiently wait for your reply, when you have more modules available. I'd send you a PM with my personal info except I can't quite figure out how to do it (it may be I'm too new!).

Thanks, again.

@iharyadi I will keep my eyes glued to this thread to see when you have your next batch ready! :slight_smile:

@iharyadi. Me too. I think you could have a nice little sideline going if you only had the time!

I'm trying to migrate totally away from Zwave to Zigbee and would love a batch of these to replace my Aeotec Multisensor 6s.

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have sent me PM for the modules or any other matter. I am sorry that I have not been doing a good job replying them. I am trying to concentrate my time to build these module. I have most of the parts to build the modules. I am assembling them in my spare time. I have chance to build and test less than a hand full during Thanksgiving. More is being build.

FYI, I have started assembling 30 boards. I will update the thread soon as they become available.
For those who are interested on them, I hope I can get your help to reach out to me again after the announcement. I am afraid that if I have to go back to my inbox, I may miss someone.



I finally did this! My only issue is that the normal voltage shows as: AnalogInput : 2.43xxx

If I do a RM rule to check for AnalogInput < 2.4 it works (fires off a test message). Now the test will be to see if a power blip can trigger this. Either way, very cool :slight_smile: Any idea why it’s 2.4 and not a higher voltage? Is it my resistors?


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Following. Constantly amazed at what people in the HE community are coming up with.

HI Brian,

The resistor form voltage divider. The voltage on the pad when the USB is powered is about 5v( There may be a bit of drop due to diodes). Without the resistor divider, the analog input could be burned. It basically divide the 5v by 2 (approximately 2.5v).

When the power is disconnected from the USB, the pad is connected to battery. The voltage range for battery is 3.0 to 4.2v. Again, they will be divided by 2 due to the resistors.

By using 2.4v as threshold in DTH or RM rule, you can assume that when the voltage on the pad is below 2.4v, you are running on battery (or you have power outage). In most case, this should be good enough.


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Hi Everyone,

I have promised to update here when I completed my build. I just in fact did so. Here are the new modules assembled.

They are ready to share. I know that I got PM from way back a few months ago. I will try to reach back to those who has PM me. But, If I miss anyone, please help to remind me that you are interested in the modules.

I am not sure whether I have enough for everyone. Please let me know how many you would like to have. I will get back to you and confirm with the final quantity so that I can distribute the modules to as many member as possible.

I also want to wish everyone a happy holiday.



Any chance you could make the battery area a bit bigger (or a thinner divider). My concerns on a thinner divider is it might break when excavating the supports. Thanks for the work on it; it looks great!