Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor


Don't worry. I will send you another one since I still have one anyway. I want also get you up and running soon as well.

Lets assume the old one was broken, I am also excited to look at it. I did have a version with bigger capacitor fall off. I heard from members here. That allows me to improve the board using smaller component. I had option offering external antenna which broke in on of the setup. I learned from that as well not to offer that option now. I am excited to see if there is anything broke on yours and improve on it.


So my sensor arrived today. It seems to be working mostly.

I just do not seem to get any change from the lux sensor. it hangs out around 120 no matter if it is dark or very lit up.


Based on my list, you have the newer board. Please correct me, There are pins like in thread 235.

If yes, would you mind trying it with the following driver?

I am preparing the DH. I have not have a chance to let everyone know.

May I also have you check the sensor light sensor? If you look at the module from the front with the PCB antenna pointing upward, there is a sensor on the left. Do you see that sensor?


So this code makes no difference. It is currently nearly dark in my room and the sensor does not change.


Yes my device is the new expandle one like shown there.

Looking at it and comparing to other images in this thread all sensors seem to be there.

Though I must confess I do not know exactly what I am looking at.

Changing location and power brick make no change.


I suspect that. Can you take a picture of the top side of the module? I suspect that there is something wrong with the light sensor. Typically, it would not go above 70.



BTW, did you press configure after replacing the DH?



I get this when pushing configure


Yes, That should be fine.

Can you show me the data on the Device Page? There is a section on the bottom say Data.



I must say I am a little sad.. I really wanted that lux sensor to be honest.


I would not worry. This should work. It has been tested multiple time. One thing I am a bit worry is that the value 120 is a high. This value should be less than 70.

Lets reset the module and re-pair. You can just click remove on the device page. That should erase all setting. Then lets try to pair it again.


Can you check whether the sensor that I circle does not feel firm.


Feels solids. Attempting reset now. Just another data point - it did take a minute or so for my hub to discover this device


reset and repair went easy. No change in the reading.



Ok. It seems that we may have the sensor broken. There is a couple things we can do.

You can send it back to me. I will send you another one tomorrow.

Or, if you are handy at soldering, the sensor that I circle may not set correctly. Using a heat gun to re-flow could fix it. I do not want you to do this if you are not comfortable.

I tested each one of sensor that I sent. I could be making a mistake missing to pay attention to the illuminance value. Or It can get damage during the shipping.



I suppose we can toss it up to bad luck and let it be.


Since you are looking for the lux value, I do not feel comfortable to leave you hanging with that sensor broken.

I have a spare module. In fact it is the last one I have. I can send it to you. However, it would be a waste to toss the old one away. I could probably repair it for my use if you send it back to me.


Ok - I will have the wife drop it in the mail when she has a minute.


Hi Everyone, for those who request new board with Extended range radio (not the old board), I have a bad news. I assembled a couple resistor in the wrong position.

I apologize for the blunder. I want to thank @cwwilson08 for promptly notifying me your issue.

When I tested the module before I ship, I use a very narrow range of light level. I did not test the full range light level it is designed for.

Here is where the location of the switched resistor.


If you guys familiar with soldering iron, the resistor is easy to move. For USA member, I would be happy to fix them if you send your module back.

I will be contacting for those who are impacted in PM.