Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor


How much are your sensors ?


Hi Everyone,

I did not expect that USPS work so fast. Some of you may already received the module with the new board like in post #236.

If you have one of those board, please use this driver.

I have example driver for child devices should you be using your expansion sensor.

They are mq9, switch, and motion-sensor. They are just example. If you need more child device handler, please contact me. The document is lagging. There is not much of it. When I can preemptively post those information I will do so. Otherwise, please do ask question if you need to write your own DTH.


Got mine today. Damn! Easy pairing, lots of status, all happy. Thanks!


Any of these sensors left? Don't need an expansion board type but will take whatever is left.



@doug Thanks for letting us know.

Hopefully, you got to play with the expansion pin. I have some sample DH for some type of sensors. But, I am always open to help with new DH for new type of sensors.


The logging is a bit chatty, any chance of adding the debug on/off switch to the driver?


got my second unit a few days ago
just like the original working great and paired right away.

thanks Iman


Yeah. I should do this. This is one of many things that I am looking to improve the DTH. I will try to look at that.


Hi Bo, Thanks for letting me know.


Got my second unit up and running too. I'll try to swap R1 and R2 next week. might have to buy some small tweezers to help with the job.


And some steady hands. :open_hands:


2nd attempt... are there any left available for purchase?



I am sorry I did not respond to you. I have some with expansions. They will work the same way and should be ready to ship.

I have a couple modules with non extended range radio ready to ship with all the sensor installed.

I have a couple extended range radio. I promised them to someone else. However, if I somehow they become available in the next couple of days, I would be happy to make it available for you as well.

Basically, I only have 3 modules with non extended range radio ready to ship.

I also have 2 extended range module on reserve which may be available in a couple of days.

Thanks for asking.


Thanks, I know things can get crazy on here. I'll PM you for the paypal info. I'll take two of the non-extended range ones (not a big house).



Here is what I have left. I am down to one, perhaps a couple module left on this batch. I am back working on adding features or improving the module. I really appreciate everyone support on this project.


The two Extended Range module is available if you anyone would like to try them.



@iharyadi I would like to try one. Thanks


Sure, PM me with your address. I will give you my paypal info on the PM.


@doug, I have updated the DTH with preference to enable and disable logs.


Thank you, sir!