Hubitat with GE Enbrighten 46202 Z-Wave switch

I just bought a GE Enbrighten Z-wave smart switch (46202) and can't pair it with the Hubitat. I tried switch reset, Z-wave exclusion and anything else I could find, prior to discover mode.

Here is a possible fly in the ointment. The switch that was there prior was a switch to no where. It came like that when I bought the condo, even the electrician couldn't find what it was doing. Behind the switch was hot, neutral and ground. I simply wired those three wires into this new switch, with the intention of using the switch as a wireless trigger to a z-wave outlet. That way I could turn on the ceiling light plugged into the outlet and control it from this wireless switch. I already have the outlet turning on and off via Alexa commands.

If the switch has hot, neutral and ground, is that enough to connect to the hubitat? If so, why can't I pair my switch?

Should be. I've never heard of a requirement that there actually be a load. In fact, using a switch as you intend has been done by many. Have you tried factory reset (OK, I see that you said switch reset)? Does the LED light? The only issue I can think of is that the logic seeking load/hot on that switch may require a load whereas previous generations did not, But that would be goofy. I'd be inclined to replace another wall switch (with load) with it just for testing ... could be a bad switch.

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He has two threads here, I suggested in the other thread that this might not actually be hot/neutral but instead be a switch loop on an outlet (receptacle) somewhere.

It would be nice if these threads were consolidated to reduce confusion.