Hubitat will NOT die just like WINK

I just wanted to know who owns hubitat?

I mean, many Wink users are migrating to hubitat because it's awesome but I would like to know who is in charge, its a small company that will be sold and left behind all its users like WINK did, or its owned by a big company like smartthings which belowngs to samsung and wont fade away any time soon...

For the haters. calm down, I'm not supporting any brand, i just want to make sure it wont happend again to me.

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Change it back to Hubitat Safety Monitor - this sounds serious. :wink:


Let's say that the business goes down the pan tomorrow.
What will this mean to me.
I will pull the internet connection.
My hub will carry on working and so will 98% of my connected devices.
Will I look for something else, probably but with 2 hubs I will have a worker for a couple of years hopefully.
This is a question that has been asked before.
I prefer to keep my glass half full.
Seasons greetings to one and all. :evergreen_tree:


I'm not really worried about the hub itself - it's lack of mandatory cloud reliance means IF Hubitat closes it's doors, I'll have plenty of time to make a transition to something else.

I will admit I am curious as to the Hubitat business model itself. Can it be self sustaining on hub purchases alone? I sure hope so since it is notoriously impossible to get people to switch to a subscription model after receiving features for free.


Looking at this from a partial outsider and from a business perspective....

  1. develop product
  2. heavily market, hype, announce
  3. build community/fan base
  4. bring on public CEO for media/market acceptance
  5. shop for suitors for acquisition
  6. cash out

I think steps 1 - 4 are now complete...


I too wonder about Hubitat's business model. I presume if they go out of business that you would no longer be able to set up a new hub or if it had been factory reset (I may be wrong). I also assume that the HE iOS/Android app may not function correctly as there is a Cloud component to report location (there are work arounds to this I suppose … IFTTT, Life360, etc). When Wink was firing on all cylinders, it was going great. Their system was powerful/reliable yet basic but didn't allow for any user customizations. Hubitat seems to have overcome the flexibility issue that Wink lacked, but I hope from a financial perspective they stay around or at least make everything open source so the hub can be maintained. Wink really should have been purchased by Amazon vs by Dope-i-Am. I feel really bad for the Wink employees as they were very friendly and knowledgeable whenever assistance was needed. Hopefully Hubitat is structured to live on … at this point, there are no viable options out there that are not cloud based and suffer outage/reliability issues.

If you have a mostly z-wave house, then HomeSeer remains a choice. And there are at least two open source options (OpenHAB, Home Assistant) that will never go away. I think there are people here who use a combination of HE/HomeAssistant/NodeRed.

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To @jeubanks:
In my humble opinion, your steps 5 and 6 are nothing but pure personal speculation, and should be labeled as such.
I am not disputing the possibility that may happen, but unless you have something more to go on, you should rightfully state that they are your speculation of what will play out.

In the past, I have noticed that Hubitat management have not been particularly forthcoming with future plans and directions. That's their prerogative.

The reason that I'm here, as apposed to the many other HA systems that I've tried, is because, at the present time, it really suits my needs. I don't know the future of this system, but I have my own personal speculation. Nonetheless, I really like it, and I'm sticking with it. If there comes a time when I'm not happy with the direction of the product, I may change course at that time. For now, in my humble opinion, this one is a keeper!

P.S. Best of the Holiday season to you and your family!


Thanks … I have a mixture of Lutron Caseta (switches, Picos and plug in dimmers), ZigBee and Zwave (least amount of devices). I'm not looking to jump ship yet seeing as I just boarded! So far everything is smooth, but still more to go. My "gut" tells me if Hubitat goes t*ts up, that they will do the right thing and release the code to the community. From what I can see so far, the community is their most powerful ally at this point and the influx of Wink refugees (present company included) will benefit them in the short term. But for now, I will only have positive thoughts on Hubitat's future! :innocent:

This depends on your requirements and what your definition of "viable" is. Hubitat is not the only nor the first (as marketed) to have local control it's just the newest and most marketed. What HE does have is better ZigBee support than others but that's because their market was ST users to begin with which was mostly Zigbee but now looks to be migrating to Wifi (per new ST branded devices).

Holly Molly, Imagine that. Too bad we only have a few cases like that in the past.

Yeah I forgot to attach a disclaimer that it was my opinion like every other post from everyone else. However it's not speculation it's a typical progression of most startups. Speculation would be saying HE is following the progression and will continue on the path. Deviations occur based on many factors.

No company management in their right minds are going to be open about business plans especially if they are public facing or have any potential effect on user base (customers). It would be flatly stupid for HE management to give any insights in this regard. However I'm also not stupid and I've seen this happen multiple times over and over again so it shouldn't be such a shock when someone proposes the possibility.


They have discussed this many times. With other hubs like Wink and Smartthings, cloud processing and storage is HUGE. This huge cost is covered by future customers and purchases to support the prior customers. Essentially a pyramid scheme, where new customers are required to support the growing cost of the old.

Hubitat does not have the HUGE cloud processing and storage. Hubitat keeps the bare minimum required for cloud access and voice assistant access. As a result, their overhead is a fraction of the cloud computing hubs.

I use HE/Home Assistant/MQTT!


You’re correct that these are speculation regarding uncertain future events; however, this is also a very common exit strategy for startup companies. Anyone remember that little startup called SmartThings that got bought by Samsung and what happened with that? Oh, wait.... that’s why a lot of us are here with Hubitat right now :slight_smile:

That's a very good point! Cloud costs can be excessively draining … this is why AWS is so profitable! Hopefully Hubitat's overhead costs are low and HW BOM is under control allowing them enough margin to keep afloat. I have high hopes for my HE set up as I complete my migration (aka exodus) from Wink over the Xmas holiday.

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Funny how people worry so much about their $70-80 investment in an almost completely local hub that works with everything that several other hubs are already compatible with. Yet they hardly blink at buying a smart speaker that often cost the same or more, and is 100% cloud based, as an example, and could stop working anytime the company sees no value in it.


This is a DIY market. Take it at your own risk. Want something more professional and long lasting? Go with Control4 or Vivant but prepare to pay.


I could be wrong, but I don't think people are worried about a <$100 investment by itself. I think people are weighing the time and effort that go into building a complete smart home at the system level, including investments in other devices with an eye to what is compatible with a given hub. The nice mitigating factor for HE, of course, is that the system will maintain some level of local operation even if the Hubitat company and cloud were to disappear.


It's not like we aren't having a blast doing this in the first place. If HE goes down we'll have to rebuild our smart home using some other new awesome gear and it'll be awesome.