Hubitat vs alternative? List of best items for Hubitat?


I don't agree. I've setup my rules, and my automations just run with no constant intercession on my part.

The only thing I'm still "tinkering" with is trying to get my Schlage locks to work consistently.


Dude it's here. if you took the 2.0.9 update last night and create a new rule, it's 3.0


All I'm saying is these hubs require the drivers/apps/devices, etc. For those of us with computer skills it's not a problem. But for someone wanting something easy to setup without copying and pasting code...this really isn't the right platform. Of course that's my opinion. Agree with @Rich above. Things that work like Hue,etc are much easier to use. Of course you don't get the flexibility and power either.


Yup, but it was not when I posted that... I was tinkering with RM 3.0 last night on my development hub. Not going to use it for anything important until the first few hot fixes come out... First one should be soon.


Not really. If you stick to the supported devices list (which is actually pretty large in and of itself), no one needs anything more than stock drivers and the built-in apps. There is absolutely no reason to have to load custom apps or drivers unless you are looking to further enhance what the hub already offers or support some cloud based devices.

I'm a HUGE tinkerer and with over 100+ physical devices and I only needed two custom drivers (Sonoffs and Logitech Harmony Hubs) and one custom app to get everything I have in my home loaded onto the HE hub.


The platform that includes every single device out there and every driver with it, does not exist. Hubitat is by far the easiest platfrom for the non-tinkerer personally speaking, as I have zero knowledge in coding..... and I'm on my 3rd platform to base this judgement on with Smartthings being one of the 3


True story. He doesn't. (ducking) (Just giving you crap) LOL :wink:


The only time I've ever been bright was when my dad called me sun.....


Hubitat manual?


I app your view. But I've heard just the opposite that HE allows for relatively easy set-up and is expandable and customizable.


No the home assistant manual


Concur here - I have Yale YRD 226's (mainly because my partner wants a key for a backup - and, I can't really blame her there).

I ordered these Yales (3 of them) with the Z-wave plus module (I LOVE the fact that the network module is swappable), and had no end of issues with them. Based on the great community feedback here in the forums, I ordered three Zigbee modules and swapped those in.. and... presto, the locks have been absolutely rock solid ever since.. :slight_smile:

So yes, for me (and a lot of others), Zigbee locks just work better...