Hubitat (via Google HA) Ask question and wait for response. Possible?


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Having Hubitat do some action based og interaction with Google HA is easy enough. But I were looking for having Hubitat react to "some trigger", then get HA ask a question and based on the users response (or lack thereof) do one of two things.
This soulds a bit convoluted or abstract, so I'll give an example:

Hubitat is triggered by temperature sensor reaching a set point.
This makes Hubitat start an action in which it tells HA to execute an order.
HA asks users "Temperature in living room is above XX, should i turn on the AC" then waits for an answer.
If answer is no (or there is no answer) nothing more is done, but if answer is yes, HA sends response/signal to Hubitat which in then turns AC on.

Another example:

Trigger is certain time, Hubitat via HA asks if coffeemaker should be turned off, waits for response and does action.

I know that the google HA API in itself might not allow for this. but i hoped it might since the "Where is my phone" action seems to do at least some of the intended stuff.

Anyone tried this ?

The question part you can do with webcore. There is a thread over in the webcore forum about how to set that up. I would link it for you but I am having issues logging in over there at the moment. I cleared my data a day or so ago and I can't seem to remember my password. I am waiting for an email so I can reset it. When I get that set up I will link you the thread.

I assume you can make announcements with Goggle so what you ask should be feasible.

This is the thread I was referring to.

In the discussion they mostly talk about using Alexa, but I think it should be able to be done with Google as well.

Oh, also it mostly is a ST discussion, but it works equally well with HE.

Oooh, that does seem interesting, i'll certainly take a look at that. I dont know anuthing about webcore, but that can be remedied.
Thank you.

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