Hubitat v2.3.4.116 not pulling dhcp address as expected

Hello there,

I have a Hubitat running v2.3.4.116 with 2 issues.

  1. It seems the device has been developed to prevent you from setting a static, unless that ip is within the subnet the device is already on. My use case is that I would like to move the device to a new vlan, and because the device is on, and the new vlan is, I cannot statically assign an ip address, as the devices states that it would be unreachable.

  2. Second issue is that, when I move the device to the new vlan (tagging untagged traffic at the switch) it will not accept the dhcp relay I've configured on my switch to obtain an ip address. If I remove the relay, and enable dhcp on the subnet, the device works as expected, if I disable dhcp on the subnet, and re-enable the relay, the device drops it's address. Windows and Linux servers, as well as appliances work fine with the relay.

What happens if you move the device to the new subnet, set the static IP (make sure you set the DNS correctly) and then enter:


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Good idea, when I set it statically after obtaining a dhcp address from the non-relay dhcp, the gui accepts the changes, on reboot however it reverts back to dhcp. If I do not reboot it, and enable the relay dhcp server it functions also, at least until the device reboots anyway. Guessing that means there is a factory restore in my very near future.

Iā€™d ask @gopher.ny if he has any ideas before doing a reset.

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Factory restore is unlikely to have the desired effect, but it definitely will require a setup effort.
Can you PM me the hub id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs.

I went ahead and registered the device, I'm running out of idea's, so I may leave the network the device is on, and just enable a firewall rule to connect to it.

I've completed a full reset, with no change in obtaining an IP address, however the device now no longer is able to discover zigbee devices.

I've attempted to downgrade the version to, and 123, both have the same result, no ip on different vlans, and both unable to discover zigbee devices.

Did you message gopher.ny your hub ID? Wonder if he had a chance to look at it? This appears to be a very odd or unique issue.

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