Hubitat usable in the EU?

Hello, I live in the EU in the Netherlands. And I need your advice.
My question is, is Hubitat the right choice for me?
For example, are Yeelight wifi Bulbs in LAN mode supported or not? And Sonoff and Tuya devices?
This is my situation. We have Google Home all over the house.
This means that Google is used to operate most lamps (Yeelight) and other devices such as smart plugs radio, TV, fan’s, and heaters in the conservatory.
Various temperature sensors, movement sensors and window / door sensors are available via a Xiaomi hub. With Home Assistant (HA) and a ConBee stick, everything was connected.
But after yet another crash, HA is history due to the lack of stability and the amount of effort it takes to get everything up and running again. I am now looking for a replacement for the Xiaomi hub and HA.

Besides zigbee, it must also be able to talk to my wifi devices.
I use following brands:
Woox (Tuya): cameras (Google compatible); Smart Power Strip, smart plugs.
Ring: doorbell.
Sonoff: smart plugs (different ones, not flashed because off Google).
Xiaomi: temperature sensors, motion sensors, siren, and window / door sensors.
And to conclude, I don't like IFTTT, but I'm not scared off the cloud.
Any thoughts would be welcome!

Hi, I live in NL as well. Got mine a few weeks ago. Works great with the regular stuff. Was able to elimate other hubs like Tradfri, Hue and the frustrating Vera Edge. There is an official list of compatible devices. Other things you might find in the developer community. Impressive little box, glad I didn't go for the Athom Homey. "Succes!"

@vangassel Just a heads up, usually keeping the Hue Bridge working along the Hubitat hub is a better approach than connecting the bulbs directly.

Thanks, I know, I read some of the threads. But as long as everything keeps working fine, I'll taken my chances :slight_smile:

Also NL here, I have sonoffs. Had to flash them with tasmota. Works fine for what i do with them. Watch out with tuya devices. I havent seen drivers for them. They might not work.