Hubitat UI - Clock

Hey Folks,

I would find it quite useful if the Hubitat UI had a clock on the logs pages if not on all of them. I find myself looking at rules running waiting for something to fire but glancing at my computer clock or phone to see what time it is and when to expect the next action. That's not always the same time. Would be nice if we had a clock to reference right on the UI. Could this be implemented? @bobbyD

There's no UI on the HE itself. If you're not viewing the UI on a computer or phone, what are you viewing it on?

That's not always the same time.

HE syncs to ntp. It can drift a few seconds between syncs. If you need it more closely sync'd, try

Cell phones sync to the network, which should be sync'd to a primary time source, so in close agreement with any reasonable ntp server. All major computer OSs support sync'ing to ntp. There's no reason times should differ by more than a few seconds, and I'd expect them to be even closer.

Of course Hubitat has a UI, and the computer or the phone does not have seconds typically displayed which when viewing live logs we expect things to happen at a very specific time to see if a rule is running right would be a nice thing to have in my opinion.

I said the HE itself. Mine is a pretty plain box, although I guess you could consider the LED and reset button a UI of sorts. Other than that, the UI appears on a computer or phone (or ???). You were complaining about having to look at your computer or phone to see the time, implying you weren't already, hence the question about where you were viewing a UI.

Your OP just asked for a clock and mentioned looking at the clock on a phone or computer. It didn't say anything about seconds. Most Android phones and Linux can be configured to display seconds in the status bar, and there are apps for Windows. I don't know about Apple stuff.

There are a couple of situations where this would be useful, in addition to the OP's needs. These aren't my own requirements, only my interpretations of what others may find useful based on comments here on the Community.

Some people have had issues with the HE hub time drifting due to a combination of Internet outages and power / reboots. It's a pretty rare / niche situation, but this feature may help diagnose it more quickly.

Others may be viewing the HE UI from a different time zone to where HE hub is situated, so being able to see the time reported by the HE hub itself would be beneficial I expect.

Aside from what the use cases are, displaying the time removes any ambiguity as to what the HE hub thinks the time currently is, regardless of the likelihood of it being different to the users device (PC, phone, etc).


@sburke781 This is why I have a "Clock" tile on almost all of my dashboards.