Hubitat Tile Status does not Match Physical Switch on/off

Setting up my new Hubitat Elevation 8 and I have come across a series problem. I have included devices and they appear to be working well except, the tile status on many of the devices does not represent the physical switch status. The tiles can turn and off their associated switches, but when I operate the physical switch the status on the tiles remain in their last state. Any advise??
Thank you

What kind of devices are these? If I had to guess, they would be "z-wave" and not "z-wave+". Presumably, the device state on the Hubitat device page does not update when the device is controlled physically, and therefore the Dashboard tile doesn't update.

Due to a Lutron patent, z-wave devices do not sent switch status to the z-wave controller when a device is physically operated. Therefore, such devices must be polled periodically.

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I just changed over from Vera and never had this problem with these dimmers/switches. How do i setup polling, if that will help?

What dimmers and switches are these? Make and model number?

You can use the built-in "Z-Wave Poller" app to setup polling.

I setup the zwave poller, but it only reports on three switches out of 32??

Can’t help you without knowing more about your setup:

Also what driver(s) are these devices using? Built-in or community? Does the driver support poll()?


Can you also post your z-wave details page in it's entirety?

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Problem solved, the Leviton dimmers were installed as generic zwave dimmers. I changed them over to Leviton inthe device settings and now the tiles correlate with the physical switch. Thank you for your guidance.