Hubitat Survey

Looks like you've got a problem with the survey you just sent out. I'm assuming we should hold off answering until you fix this? @bobbyD

Thank you for your feedback, we are investigating. For now please select the Option 1. Sorry for the confusion.

Update: please close the survey and open it again. The problem has been resolved.


Where is this survey located at? I didn't see anything in my email or anything

Might be good for the final question (would you recommend HE to others?) to have a reason why you gave that answer.

I answered 3 (out of 5). Reason: I would more highly recommend HE to friends & family if the slowing down of hubs (DB corruption, whatever ) is resolved. I would give it a 5, but I cant do that at present.

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Distributed via email. That's all I know.

I completely agree.

As did I, for another reason.

Last week, our software dev team and some faculty (computational medical imaging folks) got into a discussion about what home automation products to buy.

I strongly recommended Hubitat for privacy and cloud-independence and the wide (and fast-growing) number of supported devices. I then said that they'd all loathe the interface (particularly RM) so much that unless they either didn't write any rules, or coded everything in groovy, that it wasn't a good product for them. Overall, a 3.

As with so many discussions here, this audience was composed of tech-savvy people with high expectations and demands for efficient coding tools, perhaps not the target market for HE.

I got mine in my email today.

I wouldn't mind filling out more of these in the future if it helps you guys focus on features or development or whatever. It was pretty interesting, and made me reminisce a bit about how I got to this point.

My suggestion for a future survey would be which built in apps do you use, and rate them. Maybe another survey could be what user/community apps we use so you could get a handle on how many are using what type apps. If 300 people are using XYZ drivers and very few use ABC for example, would that make the case for officially supporting an XYZ device?

I gave it a 3 also for a similar reason that the interface is just not user friendly for anyone tech savvy or not.

Agreed, the recommendation is tricky depending on the type of person involved. I gave it a 4 based on the premise that said recommendation would be to someone considering it in the first place.

3 for stability, the survey would have probably been better having a comments box to detail the reason behind the ratining