Hubitat Subscriptions - Local Currency Option


Just some feedback on the new HE subscription offerings - I noticed that when I went through checkout I could only pay in USD.

Fortunately the credit card I used is one that doesn’t have a foreign exchange charge or fee, however this might put some people off subscribing (and therefore generating income) for Hubitat.

I’m not sure of the user base outside of the US, but a future consideration could be to allow for local currency options (or perhaps at least PayPal where the fee is shown upfront, rather than appearing on a debit/credit card statement sometimes unexpectedly).


FYI they mentioned at one point that going with PayPal would impose other constraints they couldn’t deal with at the moment.

But hopefully they’re able to address this request within their existing payment system for non-US users.


Thank you for your feedback. This is certainly on our radar.

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