Hubitat status msg to G Home Hub?

I recently added some Google Home Hubs around the house. Does anyone know of a way to send a status message about a device on Hubitat to Google Home Hub to be displayed on screen? Not a broadcast that would be output from the speaker ...

I'd like to emulate/duplicate the kind of message I can send to my phone using Pushover.


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I really like this idea. Not sure how to do it on the Google Home Hub, though... :thinking:

I believe it would be interesting to add a new “Notification Tile” to the Hubitat Dashboard that supports the Notification capability. This tile could display the last notification string sent to it. @patrick, what do you think?

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Interestingly...when I use the cast web to send messages to google home hub displays a blank screen whit the "chromecast" icon in the middle. Presumably because it's getting audio with no graphic (music/video) theoretically I'm guessing a graphic could be sent!

I would definitely use the feature on my Home Hub if it were available... Text would be most flexible, but sending a pic/graphic could work for many applications too.

I noticed last night that when the Google Hub receives a broadcast, it now displays the text of the broadcast on the screen.


Interesting. How long does it display for? Can you define that time before it disappears?

Looks like about 15 seconds. Don't see anyway to set a time for it.

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