Hubitat solve WiFi Thermastat triggering and extend zwave over wifi

Hubitat solve WiFi Thermastat triggering of amazon smart plug (alexa can't); low temp trigger heat on in pole barn restroom to keep from freezing pipes, etc. Also wondering if will help extend zwave over wifi to house? [new to home security automation but a network engineer] THANKS

Small heater on smartplug

Hello - and welcome to Hubitat!

Which specific WiFi thermostat? There are built-in/community integrations for ecobee/Nest/Honeywell WiFi thermostats. If you have one of those, there is a workaround that can be used to trigger an Amazon smart plug paired to Alexa.

No. That's not going to happen. You'll need to build a z-wave mesh network using repeaters to get z-wave signal from your house to your barn.

OK, that's what I have working now. A repeater to repeater for link to shop and it works on weak signal.
I thought it may help to strengthen the signal since I might buy one for better automation. Need to activate the plugged in heater when wifi thermostat drops below 35 degrees. Do you know if that's possible? It sounds like it's more flexible which will make up for the simple
alexa/ring system.

Oh, OK. I'm buying a Thermastat so I'll just buy one of those vendors; ecobee/Nest/Honeywell...

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